If You Need to Get CNS Hours


Take A Sneak Peak at our LeaRning Platform

Take a tour of what a month of education and supervision is like at The Clinician’s Incubator.

Craft A Client-Centered PES

What your professors may have over-complicated, learn how to hone in on a functional client-centered nutrition diagnostic statement. Find more videos like this on our Facebook page.

Preview our GI module

Check out an introductory video from one of our education modules. At TCI, you get hours of advanced clinical education videos each month on a rotating themes.

Why Become a CNS

Our team discusses why fulfilling the requirements for the CNS credential is important for your career, no matter your state’s licensing laws.


If You Need to Pass the CNS Exam


Best the Test

Enroll in our Free 14-Day Mini Course to kickstart your studying for the CNS Exam!


Exam Paperwork Link

Make sure to download the BCNS required paperwork and their handy study outline.

How to make Flashcards

Watch & learn our secrets to making rockstar flashcards…

Why you shouldn’t take notes

Stop taking notes and start “actively” studying…


If You Want to Build or Grow Your Private Practice


You Need Liability Insurance

We require all Supervision members have liability insurance. Preview a video from the Practice Incubator about how to select the right policy for you and your practice.

Networking: The Elevator Pitch

Do you have your 1 minute elevator pitch of what you do and how you help people? Learn our tips and tricks in the video below.

Rates and Taking Insurance

How do you decide if you want to take insurance? How should you determine your rates? How does any of this work?

Charge your Worth

Stop working for free. You paid for grad school. You did all the work. You pay for your insurance, EMR, liability, spend hours on handouts… Charge your worth.